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Principal's Messages


Subject line: Message from the BTM Counseling Department

Dear BTM Families,

First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge how hard this year has been for many families. As 2020 comes to an end, we want to reflect on all the ways your kids have grown this year. Students have transitioned from daily in-person learning to the online learning environment of the spring and then the fully remote scheduled learning for the fall. It has been a joy for us to watch your students learn so many new skills. Things like Canvas, Zoom, Peardeck, how to troubleshoot issues, how to do online research, how to ask for help via email and so many more skills that are invaluable in our technology-driven culture and workforce. 

Many students had one or more NC (no credit) grades on their progress reports that came out just before the Thanksgiving break. If your student was one of those students, please know that we want to help them to be successful! What we are finding is that success looks different for every student this year. Some strategies that we have found to help find success include:

  • Making a personal schedule for attending office hours. For example: On Mondays the student will always go to (insert teacher)’s office hours/study club. On Tuesdays a different teacher, etc. 

  • Sending teachers emails asking for help if they don’t understand an assignment

  • Using the chat feature in Zoom classes to privately ask a question. Often if one student has a question, others do too so it’s important for someone to be brave to ask the question

  • When behind in multiple classes, picking one or two classes to focus on first for catching up

  • Doing today’s homework first and then going backwards to make up other work. 

Some strategies for finding positivity in this environment are focusing on gratitude and things that bring you joy or give you energy. One idea is to ask each family member what they are grateful for that day. Some days it might be as simple as a special snack or an email back from a teacher, and other days it could be more profound and thought provoking. There is a lot of data about how gratitude can help mental health. Another question to bring to the table is what are things that bring your family joy? Board games, going for walks/hikes, art, video games, movie nights, cooking new recipes, the list of ideas and activities is endless and different for each family. By revisiting some of those activities, it can positively impact the energy in your home. 

We also know that mental health is a huge factor right now. Mental health counselors often have few openings, it’s hard to get into the doctor, parents are stressed because of work and finances, the list goes on and on; it is really hard! Our district sent an email on 12/8 talking about how it is ok to not be ok. We totally agree that mental health needs to be a priority for students.

At BTM, we are here for you and your student. We have been with many families through many hard times over the years. What we know is that hard times pass, and students recover and learn to thrive again. We want to make sure you are getting what you need to survive on hard days and helping you to thrive wherever possible.

Thank you for being such awesome families to work with! Please know that all school staff is available to help your student. We would love to help you brainstorm and create a plan for your student to get caught up. This can be done through emails, phone calls, or Zoom meetings.

Have a restful Winter Break! 

Mrs. Clark and Ms. Harris


Hello BTM Community,

I want to say thank you to all of you for supporting your children so well.  I know this is a VERY difficult situation and you are doing WAY MORE than you are used to.  I am hearing from so many of you about the challenges you are overcoming and the great work you are doing to support your children.  So again a HUGE THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! to all of you out there who are helping kids figure this all out, not just for school, but for life.

We are in this together.

In Partnership,




December 16-18 are the last official library pick up days before the two-week winter break.  If students would like to reserve a book (or multiple books) to have over break, please have them fill out the Library Book Request Form no later than Tuesday, December 15th.  Books can be picked up on December 16th from 11-6, and December 17th and 18th from 8-3.


"Meal service is available over winter break!!!

Check out the meal service schedule to pick up your weeks worth of breakfast and lunch. #esdkitchencrew team has volunteered to serve on December 23rd and 30th so meal pick up is available for free for all kids age 1-18 over winter break.

Home deliveries for those unable to pick up meals for transportation or medical reasons will happen on the 23rd and 30th as well thanks for various Edmonds School District staff volunteering to make the deliveries!  This week we are serving on our regular Wednesday and Thursday times! Make it a great week!



Well-child care is important even during a pandemic. Checkups are valuable for growth, development, early detection, immunizations, behavior support, and learning success! Many clinics have adapted visits to keep patients safe during the pandemic. If you need help connecting with a primary health clinic, don't hesitate to contact your school nurse:  Patrick Roach, BSN, RN at roachw519@edmonds.wednet.edu



Well Child Care Promotion - English

Well Child Care Promotion - Spanish

Well Child Care Promotion - Russian  


Hello BTM Community,

Three important Announcements are below.

Thank you!



Foundry10 Student Survey Parent/Guardian Permission

We would love your participation!!!!  Please help Foundry10 help us by signing your child up for this School District Approved Survey!!

The link to the survey described below is here.    https://forms.gle/mJzdSNEJpWC9fWHU9


Schools in our district as well as others in the region have been extremely fortunate to be the beneficiaries of a philanthropic organization called Foundry10.  Foundry10 has partnered with schools to support them in ways that districts simply cannot due to the obvious constraints public schools face.  Foundry10 would like OUR help to find ways to best support students during Continuous Learning 2.0 (our current situation).  They would like to survey our students about how they are dealing with school as it is now.  In order to do this, they will need permission from parents/guardians.  In the upcoming days, I will be sending a link to a parent permission form.  This will ask for your child’s school email only as a way to send them the survey.  Next Week, we will use Advisory Period as the time for students to fill out the survey.  We will use the data to inform our practice and Foundry10 has provided a grant to address the needs identified in the data as we see fit.  They will also use the data to inform their practice.  This survey and process have been approved by the Edmonds School District Director of Assessment and the School Board.  


Student Tech Support on Zoom

The Student Technology Support team is launching a new option for student support on Zoom. Students can now connect with one of our team members by using the following link: https://edmondsschools.zoom.us/my/esdtechsupport and passcode: 030727.

This option is available starting today. Tech Support Zoom hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM. Students will be placed in a waiting room and admitted to a private breakout room once one of our techs is available.

Our student support techs will still be available by phone or email Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM at 425-431-1211 or techsupport@edmonds15.org.




This year we need your help to fill up our yearbook pages! Throughout the year we will be asking students, parents and teachers for images and information. 



Even though we don't have school sports, we know lots of students are still participating in them whether they are organized or just for fun at home! We would love to see pictures! 



We need pictures of pets! Images should include your student with the pet and please add the name of the pet in the image description when submitting.



We are looking for images of your student cooking or enjoying a meal. It could be a picture of a holiday meal, their favorite fast food or dessert, or even weird food combinations they enjoy. We would also love to see any culturally specific meals your student enjoys. Our survey to the students later this week will also include their prefered meal of the day, recipes and favorite pizza toppings.


Staying Connected:

How is your student staying in touch with friends and family? Are they socially distancing, using technology or have a small safe bubble of people they see regularly? We would like to see the variety of ways students are communicating and socializing. 


Please submit any and all images you would like to share through this link https://images.jostens.com/415464267. Please make sure to include all relevant information so we can give recognition in the yearbook.  In your student's grade level Canvas courses, there will also be surveys and picture links for them to submit images as well.


We will be sending out requests for more pictures soon!


Thank you,


Mrs. Giroux and Ms. Koday


Please email Mrs. Giroux with further questions. 


Principal's Message 10/27/20

Hello Brier Terrace Families,

We are approaching the end of the quarter, which is November 10th.  I know teachers are working with your students to support them and help them to do their best.  If you feel like your student still needs support, but sure they are visiting what many teachers are now calling “Study Club” or “Office Hours”.  Teachers will be able to support students and families from 1-2:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and by appointment with the teacher.  We want all of our students to be successful and are working hard to support you and them.  We know our current situation takes a lot of adjustment and we are doing this on the fly.  This is a work in progress and we appreciate your support with this.

In Partnership,

Scott Morrison



NO SCHOOL WEDNESDAY (Pick Up and Drop Off from 7-2:30 tomorrow)

Wednesday, the 28th, is a non-student day where teachers will be working and learning together.  There will be no need for students to sign in, however, they may sign in if they would like to continue to work Asynchronously. There will be NO ATTENDANCE TAKEN.

Advisory Attendance

We are discovering that there is some confusion about how our Advisory Period is accounted for for attendance.  The 7th period on the student schedules is actually Advisory.  Advisory meets after 2nd period (10:00-10:15).  If students are not attending the zoom session, they are being marked absent.  There are some important things that happen during Advisory like ASB Elections (happening now), Lessons from Counselors, Relationship building, and other school business.  Please be sure your children are checking in with their Advisory teacher every day during this time.  You should know that your child’s advisory teacher is their 6th-period teacher in almost all cases.

School Pictures

Our Photography company has adjusted its policy and we are now able to set up a school photograph process.  This will be happening in the upcoming months.  We will be following strict protocols that align with the Health District guidance.  We will inform you of the details as soon as we get them. 

Principal's Message 10/19/20

Hello Brier Terrace Community,

As we continue our work with your children, we want you to know that we are hearing from many of your thoughts about assignment “completion”.  We are hearing that online processes are more difficult to navigate and make what was “easy” in person, more difficult, and cumbersome in the online setting.  We hear this and are making adjustments where we can, based on this feedback.  When you and your students do encounter challenges, my best advice is to ATTEND OFFICE HOURS or otherwise communicate with teachers.  Sometimes it helps to just talk to the teacher so that they can help students (and families) navigate and prioritize the tasks that have been assigned.  This also helps teachers to understand better where the challenges are that students might be facing.  We are all in this together and all want the same thing, for your children, our students, which is to learn and be successful during a time that is so different from our usual way of doing things.  Thank you for your support! 

Please look through the following information about what is happening at BTM

Ms. Allen, our Attendance Specialist, is OUT THIS WEEK - She will make any necessary adjustments to students’ attendance when she returns next week.  Thank you for your patience.

Speaking of Attendance...

Attendance Calls Start Today!  We want to inform you that we are obligated, as a district, to inform families if students do not attend school.  Our procedures under Continuous Learning 2.0 include taking attendance during the Synchronous Learning time (ZOOM) and reporting to families when students are not attending.  We understand that sometimes students are not able to attend the Synchronous time for technical and other reasons and that logging in to Canvas to engage in Asynchronous learning may happen after the Synchronous Learning time.  This IS an acceptable form of attending class and student attendance will be adjusted in these cases.  For more information about our district attendance policies and procedures, click here.  I have also attached an Attendance Q and A guide from our district.

“College Bound” Scholarship Information from Karla Rios, our College and Career Readiness Specialist

Hello Brier Terrace Families, 

I will be hosting a College Bound informational on Tuesday, October 20thfrom 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM through zoom. During this informational, we will be going over the requirements to apply for College Bound and next steps in how to obtain your student’s College Bound form. For more information, feel free to reach out to Karla Rios.

Zoom Link: https://edmondsschools.zoom.us/j/88358585217?pwd%3DZEkvVm81RS9vR3grNzFjU3hkM2h2UT09

Passcode: 731078

Karla Rios- CCR Specialist



NO PICK UP/DROP OFF October 16th - 23 - Because some staff members will be unavailable, our usual Pick Up and Drop Off will not be in place from Friday, October 16th through Friday October 23rd.  We will be back up and running on October 26th.  

Families as “observer” on Canvas (from the district):  We want to continue to help all families become Canvas observers so that they can monitor their student’s progress.

Please review the new method of generating a pairing code (needed to set up an observer account), and consider how you might encourage a systematic approach within your building for checking on which students do not yet have observers and then reaching out to those families. This might include having all teachers of a certain period check which students in that period don’t have an observer and either submitting that info centrally (so that someone could follow up) or reaching out to those families directly. We know your schools are different, and your instructional tech coach can help you to brainstorm what might work best at your site.

Canvas observer account

  • Once a family becomes an “observer” of a student, they are connected with ALL of their student’s Canvas courses now and in future years.

  • This page provides parents with information about what it means to be an observer and how to set up an observer account.

  • There are now two methods for families to get the “pairing code” that is necessary to set up a Canvas observer account:

    • Student generates pairing code: Families can find more information here.

    • NEW: Teacher generates pairing codes. This can be done from the “People” page in a Canvas course, either for all students in a course or for an individual student. Teachers can check out the written or video directions here. [Note: Counselors can also generate pairing codes.]

    • The codes only last for 7 days or 1 use, and multiple codes can be generated (if code expires or multiple family members would like to set up an observer account).

A note from the Library - Just a reminder from our amazing Librarian, Ms. Kaspyrzyk:   Please remember that your student can request physical books from the BTMS library.  Students have access to a Google Form where they can not only pick the books they want to read, but also decide if they will get the books at curbside pick up or have them delivered (please refer to an email from our librarian about these options).

Yearbooks!!! - We still have plenty of yearbooks for $35.00.  Please write a check to ESD for $35.00 and bring them to the drop-off window at the school.  

In Partnership,

Scott Morrison





Hello Brier Terrace Community,

We are entering our 6th week of Continuous Learning 2.0 and it seems like we are starting to get into a groove.  We are seeing really great things from our students and are so proud of their efforts to make this new reality work.  I have also been hearing that some students are still adjusting to the load/new way of doing things.  I want you to know about some things we are doing as a staff to help.  First, we have discussed this issue as a staff and we are monitoring the situation.  Staff members are checking in with classes through surveys, writing prompts, and discussion to be sure students are heard.  We are being clear about how to access support.  Our staff is available to support students during office hours from 1-2:30 though zoom and by appointment.  We care about your children and want them to be successful.  We are also monitoring students’ levels of engagement and when teachers have concerns about levels of engagement, they are reaching out to families and other staff members to help ensure we are supporting students and families.  We are surveying students through a system called Panorama to monitor their Social and Emotional well being and will follow up with students if they request a check-in with an adult.  We are also discussing other ideas for supporting students in other ways and will be rolling them out as we solidify our plans.  Again, please know that the BTM staff are working VERY HARD to ensure students are feeling good about school and learning.  Please do not hesitate to contact teachers, counselors, or me if your child needs help figuring things out.  

Contact information is in Canvas and on our website.

Canvas and Zoom and Skyward (grades and more)  - First, because of some technical issues, Canvas and Skyward are not synching correctly, so please look in Canvas for the most accurate grade information and contact teachers if you have questions.  We want to acknowledge that Canvas and Zoom and Skyward do not always run perfectly.  As you all know, sometimes in the remote setting, our technology can run slowly or behave unexpectedly.  We work hard to ensure our systems are as reliable as possible and appreciate your patience when technology causes unexpected challenges.  Thank you!

NO PICK UP/DROP OFF October 16th - 23 - Because some staff members will be unavailable, our usual Pick Up and Drop Off will not be in place from Friday, October 16th through Friday October 23rd.  We will be back up and running on October 26th.  

A note from the Library - Just a reminder from our amazing Librarian, Ms. Kaspyrzyk:   Please remember that your student can request physical books from the BTMS library.  Students have access to a Google Form where they can not only pick the books they want to read, but also decide if they will get the books at curbside pick up or have them delivered (please refer to an email from our librarian about these options).

Yearbooks!!! - We still have plenty of yearbooks for $35.00.  Please write a check to ESD for $35.00 and bring them to the drop-off window at the school.  

Too Many Emails/Notifications? - One way to reduce the number of emails you receive is to change your notification settings in Canvas.  Click this link to see the page Ms. Mello created to show how to manage these things in Canvas:

It's a two step process so it should be pretty easy. I am not able to see how a parent or student views this section so I cannot confirm if they have different options. Ms. Mello and we suggest that you turn on notifications for the following (in order of importance):

  1. Announcements - Course notifications sent to students (Parents should receive this if they have a parent account set up).

  2. Due Date - Notifies when a due date is set or changed.

  3. Submission Comment - notifies them whenever a teacher provides feedback on an assignment.

  4. Grading - Student/Parent will be notified whenever an assignment is graded so this would be optional and dependent on how many emails/push notifications they want to receive from teachers.

If you need help setting up an observer role (parent account), the district put together a resource site to assist: https://sites.google.com/edmonds.wednet.edu/canvasfamily/observer-role 

In Partnership,

Scott Morrison




Hello Brier Terrace Community,

I have two announcements for you as we begin our 3rd full week of Continuous Learning 2.0. 

Thank you all for your partnership as we work to make this a great learning experience for ALL.

Schedule Changes

Due to budget constraints, we are making some adjustments to our schedule.  Your child may be involved in a schedule adjustment, mostly around PE.  Our staff is working with students to help make this transition as smooth as possible.  Thank you for understanding.

Curriculum Night this Wednesday, September 30th from 6:30 to 8:15

We will start the evening with a Webinar hosted by the Administration and Counseling staff.  We will then guide families to Zoom meetings with you child’s teachers.  We ask that you copy your child’s school schedule.  YOU WILL NEED TEACHER NAMES AND PERIODS in order to follow the schedule of the evening.  Starting at 6:50 we will move through the schedule, period by period.  Each period will last 10 minutes with a 5 minute break in between.  ADVISORY WILL NOT BE PART OF THE EVENING.  We will supply a list of teachers with zoom links you will use to access the “class” during the scheduled times.  We will be sending this list closer to the actual start of Curriculum Night for security reasons.  Check your email for access to this list before the webinar on Wednesday.  We are crossing our fingers that this will work smoothly.  Please keep in mind that we have never done this.  :)

Below is the link to the Webinar portion of the evening starting at 6:30.  You may need to copy and paste.  This will be posted on the School Website under Principal’s Message:

Or join webinar with the following methods
Phone one-tap
Phone one-tap: US: +12532158782,,85194588766# or +13462487799,,85194588766#
Join by Telephone
For higher quality, dial a number based on your current location.
US : +1 253 215 8782 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 876 9923 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799
Webinar ID: 851 9458 8766
Passcode: 809144
International numbers


Thank you!

Scott Morrison



Hello BTM Community,

We are entering our second full week of Continuous Learning 2.0 (CL2) and we are experiencing, and rising to many challenges.  What is most surprising to me is how many surprises are popping up.  What is most encouraging is how our teachers, families, district staff, and our state systems are responding thoughtfully and relatively quickly, considering the daily life challenges or our students, families, and staff as we move forward educating our students.  One very important challenge in CL2 is that our Technology Department is now part of just about everything we do. I have been impressed with what they HAVE been able to accomplish.  I know there continue to be some situations where we are still challenged.  Please know we are working diligently as a system to address these issues so that all students can learn. 

I want to again thank you all for your support as we work to educate your children at the highest possible levels with empathy and compassion.

In Partnership,

Scott Morrison


8th Grade Chromebook Exchange - is this Wednesday,  from 1 PM - 6 PM.

This Wednesday is ONLY for the 8th Grade Chromebook Exchange.  Mr. Turner will be sending details.

Early Release Wednesday the 23rd - This Wednesday is an Early Release Day for Staff, so they will not be available after 11:10.  We will be doing some required training and working to improve our effectiveness during Continuous Learning 2.0.  If you look at the district calendar, you will see that there are many Wednesdays like this throughout the year.

Attendance for Wednesdays - I believe there will be communication about Wednesday  Attendance from the district soon!!  This is not just for this Wednesday, but every Wednesday during CL2.

Curriculum Night - Tentatively September 30th from 6:30 to 8. We are still working on how this might work.  More to come likely later this week.

School Pictures - The company we are working with on school pictures, Dorian, is planning to reschedule times after we come back to in-person learning.  We will provide details as they come.

PTSA - Our Wonderful PTSA has asked me to include some information.  Please see the letter below and attached.

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!

Bulldog Families,


BTMS PTSA serves the students, staff, and families of the Brier Terrace Middle School community. School needs differ this year, so the PTSA’s goals will have to adapt. At the local level, we have provided classroom grants, staff appreciation, library support, family and student-focused events, and more. We have also advocated for students at school, the district, the state, and nationwide. Help us determine what we do now.


We invite you to join us by becoming a member. 

Being a member does not mean you have to volunteer. We appreciate all our volunteers, but you choose your level of involvement. There are many different reasons people join our PTSA - volunteers, donors (funds/items/refreshments/etc.), advocates, advisors, connect with other parents, have the ability to influence decisions, or simply to be kept informed. We would love all the volunteers we could get, but it is completely optional.

Our success depends on your membership and support to help enrich the school experience. Membership is $10.00 per person, which supports our local, council, state, and national chapters. Joining is easy! Go to https://mp.gg/n1b9q, click START HERE, and follow the directions.

You can also help by donating extra funds to sponsor a teacher, administrator, or support staff. Go to https://btmsptsa.square.site to donate a membership.

For more information, feel free to contact us at  btmsptsa@gmail.com, visit our website at https://btmsptsa.square.site, and follow us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/btmsptsa.

Thank you,

Nicole Auayan

2020-21 Co-Vice President

Brier Terrace Middle School PTSA


Hello BTM Community,

I want to thank you for your patience and perseverance as we start the 2020-2021 school year.  Our teachers and staff have been working hard to learn a lot and adjust like crazy to make this start of the school year kind, respectful, and safe.  I was able to pop into “classrooms” the first day and I saw students attentive and ready to learn.  An important part of what students learn in Middle School is how to get along with others and how to advocate for themselves in a respectful and effective way, Socially, Emotionally, and Academically.  These are the things we are attending to as we begin the year. Our staff has been trying to put students at ease by helping them learn how to navigate Canvas and the other tools they will need to make this a successful year.  We are working to build positive connections between students and between staff and students.  This work will continue as we move through the year, and the rigor will progressively increase, but we need to be sure students are feeling they are in a respectful learning environment first.  

Thank you!

Login and Passwords

If students are still experiencing problems with logging into their Chromebooks, please have THEM email our Chromebook Support Specialist, Wed Al Obaidi, at alobaidiw692@edmonds.wednet.edu

She will be able to help with this.  You can also call the main office at 425.431.7834.

This is a nice resource as well!   Canvas Resources for Families  


Scheduling is mostly finished at this point.  We are still adjusting some classes to be sure we balance and this may go into next week.  Thank you for your patience as we finish this work.  

If you questions about scheduling please contact your counselor:

Last names A-Le Sam Clark clarks884@edmonds.wednet.edu 425.431.4103

Last names Lea-Z Amanda Harris  harrisa295@edmonds.wednet.edu 425.431.4104

Materials Pick Up and Drop Off

We have scheduled a Materials pick-up for Wednesday, September 16th from 1pm to 6pm.  We will be sending details soon and we will be scheduling regular dates for these.

Remind App

We are learning about A LOT of new technology right now an one thing I am just getting to learning about is the Remind App.  Sometime this month, you will have an opportunity to sign up for Remind for BTM.  This app will allow us to send messages via text.  I encourage all of our families to sign up as a way to receive information in a timely manner.

Video On! :)

If you have ever hosted a ZOOM meeting, you know how odd it is to talk to a “room” of people without the usual feedback you may receive from an audience.  Teachers are very used to seeing what is happening in a classroom and reading the room.  Right now, we have many students with video off.  We understand that there are a lot of very good reasons why we might choose this.  We also know OUR TEACHERS WANT TO SEE THEIR STUDENTS!  :)  At the request of our staff, if possible, will you ask your child to show their face on the zoom screen?  Not required, but strongly desired by our staff.  THANK YOU!

Thank you all for helping us through the first of the year and managing the bumps along the way with grace and patience.

In Partnership,



Hello BTM Families,

Tomorrow we are starting the school year, and even though it is Wednesday, students will be meeting with their teachers for Synchronous Instruction in the morning (ZOOM meetings).  Students will be able to access the meetings through Canvas on their classroom tabs.  In case a student is unable to access Canvas, I have asked 1st-period teachers to email students and families with the link, just in case.  Again, we prefer that students do this through Canvas if possible.  Please do not email counselors for tech support since they likely cannot answer your tech questions and they are very busy balancing classes right now.  I have included a message from our tech department below with many resources for student and family access to Canvas linked.

Attendance during Continuous Learning 2.0

Students are expected to attend meetings with teachers during Continuous Learning 2.0 and we will be taking attendance.  We also understand that some families are facing challenges that are different from normal.  If your child is not able to attend a part of the day, please help them to look in Canvas and attempt tasks teachers have published in the different parts of the Canvas classrooms.  This will help us to know your child is attending.  If you need to excuse your child from school due to sickness, doctor appointments, or other reasons, our process has not changed from On-Campus instruction.  Please email the attendance office at allenr478@edmonds.wednet.edu  or 425.431.7834.


We are still working to balance schedules at this time.  This will likely continue through the week, even after school starts.  This is normal (although we are facing considerably more challenges this year).  Please don’t be surprised if your child’s schedule changes slightly as we work through this process.  If something does not seem right about your child’s schedule after tomorrow, please contact their counselor:

Last Names A-Le Sam Clark clarks884@edmonds.wednet.edu 

Last Names Lea-Z Amanda Harris harrisa295@edmonds.wednet.edu

Thank you for your patience.

Our staff is doing great work as we plan to engage students and build positive connections within our classrooms.  I am excited for your children to see each other and meet their teachers this year in a more structured and consistent environment from last spring.  As we work through some inevitable challenges, I am very optimistic that this is will be a great year for all of us.

In partnership,

Scott Morrison


Below is a message from our District Tech Department regarding Family Access to Canvas:

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! All teachers grades 3-12 will be using Canvas to share weekly agendas, learning materials, Zoom links, and assignments - and to communicate with students.   

As a parent/guardian, you will be able to create an account in Canvas to observe the progress of your student(s). Once your account is created, you will be able to monitor their progress throughout each year and each class of their educational experience in Edmonds.  

How do I get started?

Written Directions: 

Video Tutorials:

  • Setting Up An Account  

    • The video provides directions for setting up an account on a  Mobile Device & Computer.  The Canvas Parent App needs to be downloaded on a Mobile Device in order to access Canvas. 

  • Adding Multiple Students  

How do I use Canvas as a Parent/Guardian?

More tutorials and information about Canvas can be found on the Canvas: Family Resource Site

Message for Families - Spanish

¡Bienvenidos al año escolar 2020-2021! Todos los maestros de los grados 3 a 12 usarán el programa de Canvas para compartir agendas semanales, materiales de aprendizaje, tareas, enlaces de Zoom (para reuniones en línea), y para comunicarse con los estudiantes.

Como padre / guardián, usted podrá crear una cuenta en Canvas para observar el progreso de su(s) estudiante(s). Después de crear su cuenta, usted podrá observar el progreso de su estudiante a lo largo de cada año y cada clase de su experiencia educativa en Edmonds. Usted usará el mismo cuento del grado 3 a 12. 

¿Cómo empiezo?

Instrucciones escritas

Our Tech Department is very busy right now, as you can imagine, but you can contact them at: 

425-431-1211 or



Hello Brier Terrace Community,

I know you are all chomping at the bit to get this year started and would like to know EXACTLY what we need to do to get started on the 9th.  I am hoping you will bear with us and understand that we are working hard to start the year in a way that we never have.  Tomorrow evening, September 3rd, from 6-7, we will be hosting a Webinar that was intended for New Families, but I would like to invite ALL FAMILIES TO JOIN if possible.  The link is below and on the BTM Website. The Webinar will be recorded and accessible via the Brier Terrace Middle School website to view at your convenience.


First, if you attended our district Tech Community Forum, you know that Canvas is the Learning Platform or home base for accessing classes during our current Continuous Learning 2.0 environment.  If you would like to view it, click here.  Our current plan is to have detailed instructions on how students can connect to Canvas, our district-wide learning platform.   Students will be able to log into Canvas to see their schedules the day before school starts, at the latest. From there they will click into links in their classes that will lead to a Zoom Meeting invitation for that class.  Many of our staff will be learning how to do this tomorrow.  We think this will be up and running by the time schedules will be posted.  IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE, we will send a spreadsheet with Zoom links for each teacher and period in an email to students on their district email, and to families via Skyward.  We will not post it for security reasons.  Again, this is plan B in case we feel logging into Canvas, and finding the Zoom links will not be an easy option.

I will continue to send information as I know more.

The link to BTM Family Meeting webinar Thursday, September 3rd, 6-7 PM is below.  Again, it will be recorded and a link will be placed on our website so that those unable to attend can watch at a more convenient time.


Passcode: 306265

Thank you for your patience as we open school in this new way,

Scott Morrison



Hello BTM Families,

This is Principal Scott Morrison, and I have some important information to share as we start the school year.

First, because I would like to encourage all of our families to attend the District’s Technology Webinar on Tuesday, September 1st at 6 PM, we will be moving our BTM 7th-grade family and New Families Orientation Webinar to Thursday, September 3rd from 6-7.  If you will not be able to attend the Webinar, you will be able to watch a recorded version of if that will be available on our website shortly after.  Again, the BTM 7th Grade and New Families Webinar will be on September 3rd so that families can attend the Technology Webinar on September 1st.  This information is on our website.

The first day of school is September 9th and we are on the Middle School 6 period day schedule.  This is the schedule that was created for schools like ours that run a 6 period day under normal On-Campus instruction.  Student schedules will be available via Skyward, September 4th.  We will have more details about how we “start” school in the upcoming days.

An orientation video for 7th graders and new students, created by our Dog Squad, will be sent out to all families on September 3rd and will be posted on the website as well.  We will follow up with a Question and Answer Webinar on September 4th.  Students have been sent a Google Form Survey asking for input for the Question and Answer Webinar on the 4th.  

Please continue to check our Website as we are making efforts to move to this being our most reliable source of information.

In Partnership,

Scott Morrison (he, him)



Edmonds SD Technology Community Forum, September 1st 6-7 https://edmondsschools.zoom.us/j/93190210421?pwd=eUlHNHRTZDJlTThDV3hObFdlU3dmdz09

Passcode: 616717

**Updated 7th Grade and New Family Webinar, September 3rd from 6-7**


Passcode: 306265

Or iPhone one-tap :

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Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

US: +1 253 215 8782  or +1 346 248 7799  or +1 669 900 6833  or +1 301 715 8592  or +1 312 626 6799  or +1 646 876 9923

Webinar ID: 958 5955 6746

Passcode: 306265

International numbers available: https://edmondsschools.zoom.us/u/abLovYUQ4e


Hello BTM Community,

I need to correct my previous message informing you of our upcoming Chromebook Exchange.  The exchange on August 26th and 27th is for INCOMING 7th GRADERS.  The 8th grade exchange will happen after school starts.  More information about the 8th grade Chromebook exchange will be forthcoming.  I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Please see the correct information below from Mr. Turner.

Thank you for your patience,

Scott Morrison (He/Him)


Brier Terrace Middle School



Hello Brier Terrace Middle School Students and Families,


Welcome 7th graders!  We hope you are doing well and are enjoying a restful break before we start school again in September.  All of us at BTMS wish we were back to normal and starting the school year in person, but until that time comes, we will all do our best to make online learning fun and relevant.  As new students to BTMS, it is normal to have many questions and some concerns as well.  Please stay tuned for additional emails in the next few weeks that we hope will address many of your questions. For now, please know that we are busy preparing for your arrival and that we are excited to get to know each of you.


To get ready for the beginning of the school year, we need to get you set up with a different Chromebook. This means that we need you to bring in your elementary school Chromebook so we can give you an updated Chromebook better suited for middle school work.  BTMS will be holding a Chromebook exchange for ALL 7th grade students next week.  


We take the health of our students, families and our staff very seriously at BTMS.  We ask that all students and their families wear a mask, including while inside your car because our staff will not be able to socially distance during the exchange.  We very much appreciate everyone's cooperation.   



Wednesday, August 26, Last name A-L 2:00-7:00 p.m.

Thursday, August 27, Last name, M-Z, 2:00-7:00 p.m.



Drive up Chromebook Exchange:

Please pull as far forward as possible (staying in line) and wait for an BTMS staff member to come to your car.  We will do our best to approach you in the order that you drove in. The staff member will accept your old Chromebook and issue you your middle school Chromebook right at your car.  We are asking everyone to stay in their cars, just pull through the turn-around into the bus loading zone.


Walk up Chromebook Exchange:

There will be a table designated for students/ families who come by foot or bicycle.  Please wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing while staff members check in your old Chromebook and bring you your middle school Chromebook.


Book Return: Do you still have library books from last year?  If yes, please bring them to the Chromebook Swap!  It does not matter what school (or district) you attended last year.  Our librarian, Ms. Kasprzyk, will make sure that your books are sent back to your previous schools.  Getting these books back will ensure that students are able to check them out again - we are working hard to make sure you will have access to our library to satisfy all of your reading needs.


FAQ Section

What if my Chromebook doesn't work?  Bring it in anyway, we can still do the exchange.

What if I am new to the district and currently don't have a Chromebook?  We can get you all set up. 

What if I lost my charger?  We can still get you all set up. 

What if I'm out of town and can't make it?  We will hold an additional exchange later in the month for those who can't make it, however we really encourage all who can to make it.  We need your old Chromebook to go to other elementary students.  


We will send you a reminder next week.  Please feel free to ask questions via my contact information below.  




Allyn Turner

Assistant Principal

Brier Terrace Middle School

Home of the Bulldogs!

Edmonds School District Contacts during school closure due to COVID-19

Edmonds School District Family Resources & Supplemental Resources for Learning

Chromebook Support Line: (425) 431-1211or techsupport@edmonds15.org

Family Support Office Number: 425-431-1454

Family Support Email: familysupport@edmonds.wednet.edu

For updates on Closure: CLICK HERE

Additional Resources:http://bit.ly/ESDfamilysupport     

Previous messages below:

Hello BTM Families,

I would like to share a message that Mr. Johnston has shared with his students and their families.  I am doing this because I don’t think I could do a better job of summarizing how the BTM teachers are feeling about the situation we are in, based on the conversations we have been having over the last couple weeks:

Our school is NOT closed, it’s true that the doors are locked, the parking lot is empty, and the halls are eerily quiet. However, the staff has been scrambling to prepare for this week as we move towards “remote learning”.  Most of us are primed to offer some new academic assignments to our students. What we are desperately trying to figure out is how to replicate the countless “little” interactions that take place in the course of a school day.  Things like greeting my students at the door, asking them if they need help when they appear confused, and sending them to the office for a snack when they missed breakfast are going to be incredibly hard to replicate in a digital format.  I have a lot of Elvis memorabilia in my classroom and one of my prized possessions is my Velvet Elvis painting. My students and I often joke about why Elvis is crying: somedays it is because a student didn’t turn in their homework, another day it is because the Seahawks lost, but today I will tell my students it is a simple tear of joy because we are back together. My most pressing mission this week will be to reconnect with my students and to make sure they know that their school community is back and here for them.  There are going to be hiccups along the way and it is most certainly going to look and feel differently but to be sure BTMS is back and open for business and I am here to help you and your student navigate this new chapter of school. Let’s go Bulldogs!



Families, we encourage you to establish routine with regular time or times every day for students to do school.  We have been guided to create lessons that require an average of 15-20 minutes of work per class per day. Please work with your student to find the best place and time for this that will work with your situation. We have set up office hours by department for Tuesday - Thursday.  Students can work out other times to correspond with teachers at a mutually agreed upon time.  

Tuesday - Thursday Office Hours:

PE 8-9 AM

Math              9-10 AM

Lunch times  10 AM -12 PM

Humanities     12-1 PM

Science         1-2 PM

Electives       2-3  PM


As of 8PM Sunday, we have been asked not to enter our buildings in order to ensure they will be virus free when we return.  This is an extra precaution as our Custodial Crew has been VERY BUSY disinfecting touch points throughout the building. We will not be able to access the buildings until further notice.  WE ARE NOT THROWING ANYTHING OUT OR REMOVING STUDENT BELONGINGS!  They will be sitting, quietly, waiting for students to retrieve them whenever we restart or are allowed to return to the buildings.



Again, thank you in advance for your patience as we work through almost certain challenges along the way.  We all wish we could be at school with your children. We miss them greatly! Feel free to contact me: morrisons@edmonds.wednet.edu

We wish you all good health and happiness.

In Partnership,


Scott Morrison (He, Him, His)


Brier Terrace Middle School


3/26/20 Hello BTM families,


I hope this message finds you and your family safe and eager to learn.  As you can guess, based on today’s (Thursday the 26th) email from Dr. McDuffy, we are busy getting ready to work with your children/students starting Monday.  The BTM staff are working to contact students to ensure your students have all they need to proceed with Phase 3 of our School Closure, Remote Learning. We would appreciate your support in ensuring your child responds to emails and messaging from our staff.  Our staff are contacting students through approved district methods, such as Skyward, Canvas, and Google Classroom. Students are very used to using these tools and should have little problem accessing them.  

We are very eager to be working with your students again!  We have also never done school like this before. This is going to be a learning process for all of us, so we would ask for patience as we start up and get things figured out.  We will do the same with your children. I think Dr. McDuffy’s email spells things out pretty well, so I won’t repeat it, but I do want to draw your attention to the section about Progress Reports for 3rd Quarter toward the end.  There is still time to complete missing assignments!!

One tool students may be asked to use as we progress further in Remote Learning is a video conferencing application called ZOOM.  We have been using ZOOM in the district for a little while, and a lot in the last 9 days. I have been impressed with its ease of use.  Below is a link to some short videos that may be helpful for students to familiarize themselves with these tools. Likely, the first video about joining a meeting will be the most important at this time.

Zoom Tutorial Help Center (videos)


I also want to draw your attention to another great resource which is the ESD Student Learning Resources Page below:


I encourage families to look through this site before Monday because it has some tips for using some of the technology we will be using and many great resources for learning, as the name of the page suggests. 

Again, we look forward to working with your children again and thank you all, in advance, for your patience as we work to serve and educate your children.

In partnership,

Scott Morrison

(He, Him, His)


Brier Terrace Middle School


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