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Parent Resources

Cocoon House

A great resource for at-risk youth who may need help at home, school or who may be on the streets.  They offer transitional housing, a teen shelter and advocates who will address the needs of students. They also offer help to parents who may need help with their children and offer consultation services with a trained therapist.  Please call 425-317-9898 for more assistance.

Parents: The Anti-Drug

A website that focuses on helping parents work with their children on the issue of drugs. The site gives good advice on prevention of drug use among their children and teaches parents how to talk to their children about the issue. 

The site provides parents and other adults caregivers access to:

Helpful articles and advice from experts in the fields of parenting and substance abuse prevention;

Science-based drug prevention information, news and studies;

Support from other parents striving to keep their children drug-free;

Perspectives of teens themselves.

The Partnership at DrugFree.Org

A good website for parents who would like to gain more information on drug prevention and ways to help their children if they are having issues with drugs.  This is a comprehensive website that helps educate parents on what is out there, how to get help and how to approach their children with the topic of drugs.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

This is the site of the primary agency that oversees schools in Washington State.  It is a great resource for parents who want to take a look at state learning standards, have questions about state testing, see how schools are performing and get information on laws affecting education.  There is also a Family Resource section that can be very useful.


2-1-1 is a online/telephone resource that parents can use to find community resources.  Use the online database to find any community resource from food banks, clothing assistance, counseling, and rental/utility assistance.  Parents can also dial 211 from their phones to connect with an operator to search resources.  The site has a tremendous amount of useful information and is a great place to start searching for help.

Stop Bullying Now!

This site helps parents who may have children who are being bullied at school.  It has great information on what bullying in schools look like, how to help their children if they are experiencing bullying and a place to asked experts on the topic.  The site also covers cyberbullying and gives tips on how to help children deal with it.