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Signs of Suicide Prevention Program Information

As part of a district wide effort, we will be leading lessons through the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program in the fall. The Signs of Suicide Prevention Program is research based and is proven to be effective in addressing the warning signs of suicide, and decreasing suicide attempts.

At Brier Terrace, all 7th and 8th grade students will participate in these preventative lessons in their PE/Health classes. The Signs of Suicide Prevention Program is centered around providing students with the knowledge and tools on what to do if they are concerned about a fellow student. The lessons are lead through videos which depict real middle schoolers discussing what to do in case they are worried about a friend, as well as insights from school and mental health professionals.


WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more about the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program for middle schools.

After participating in these lessons, it is our goal that our students will ACT when they have a concern about a classmate:

Acknowledge: listen to their friend, and don't ignore any threats made

Care: let their friend know that they care

Tell: tell a trusted adult when they are worried about a friend's safety

Students will be given an exit survey after completing the lessons. This survey will provide students the opportunity to inform the counseling department if they or someone they know are contemplating self harm or suicide. This survey is NOT a mental health assessment, nor is it intended to be. The purpose of the survey is to learn which of our students are in need of counseling services to ensure their safety. Following the implementation of the lessons, the counseling department will be on standby to meet with students who are identified as in need of support within 24 hours.

We are committed to serving our families and the emotional and mental health needs of our students. Learn more about the resources available in our community: Community Resources

If you do not wish your student to participate in the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program, please fill out the Opt-Out form attached to this informative letter, and return to Brier Terrace as soon as possible:



If you have questions or concerns about these lessons, please contact your school counselor:


Mrs. Samantha Clark (A-LE): (425) 431-4103
Mrs. Amanda Harris (LEA-Z) (425) 431-4104